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Food Export Consulting Services, LLC

Food Export Consulting Services, LLC (FECS) offers a complete range of marketing and technical services designed to expedite the exportation of food, nutraceutical and agricultural products. Pre-evaluation of the product by FECS allows product customization to meet any destination country requirements.  Product compliance review reports provided by FECS will ensure a smooth sailing through foreign customs.

Nutraceutical products, food supplements, dietary supplements, value-added food products, processed food products and commodities are major agricultural exports from the U.S. Our goal is to assist you with your export certificate needs and customs clearance for an easy entry into foreign markets. We have over 10 years of experience in product formulation, labeling requirements and extensive knowledge in international food laws and regulations.

We specialize in Asian markets (Japan, Taiwan, People's Republic of China, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India) and European Union markets. We also offer the most current databases of International Food Regulations for purchase.

Food Export Consulting Services
3335 NW Spencer St.
Portland, OR 97229
Phone/Fax: 503.384.0469
Email: inquiries@fecs.us or


Technical Assistance is offered in the following areas:

Product Evaluation
  • Advisory Product Review Reports
  • Formulation Assistance
  • Ingredient Requirements
  • Label Requirements
  • Packaging Assistance
  • Testing Requirements
Product Certification
  • Export Certificates
  • Certificates of Free Sale
  • Phytosanitary Certificates
  • Radiation Safety Certificates
  • USDC Certificates for Export of Fishery Products
  • Laboratory Analyses Certificates
  • Product Compliance Review Reports
International Food Standards & Regulations
  • Computerized Format of  Regulations by Country
  • Databases of International Food Regulations
  • Technical Translations (English, Japanese and Korean)
  • Special Research Projects and Market Analysis


  • Ensure product acceptability prior to shipment
  • Minimize chances of rejection at foreign ports
  • Reduce time-intensive dock side product evaluation
  • Remove uncertainty and risk of product non-compliance with foreign government regulations
  • Laboratory approval by foreign governments enables product testing for any exporter

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