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Product Certification

Foods that comply with U.S. law may be exported to foreign countries if they meet the regulations of those countries. In order to be sure that your product meets the foreign country requirements it is important to go through the product evaluation process prior to exporting. There may be several certificates required for export of your product to a foreign country. Some are mandatory and some are optional. The certification process is a formal attestation by a regulatory agency that the product being exported is legal and meets all the regulatory standards within the U.S. We will help you obtain the appropriate export certificate needed for your product. We will contact the appropriate agency, fill out the paperwork and do the follow-up.  Sample Page

Product Compliance Review Reports  issued by FECS will ensure an easy clearance through customs.

Export Certificates issued by the FDA on processed food products ensure that the product is in compliance with U.S. laws and regulations.

FSIS Certificates on frozen, chilled and processed meat products ensures a disease free product.

Phytosanitary Certificates issued by the USDA on raw agricultural products ensure that the product is free of pests and diseases that are non-native to the importing country.

Health Certificates for export to EU ensure product safety.

USDC Certificates for export of fishery products ensure the HACCP program implementation in the fisheries industry.

Certificates of Free Sale state that the product is freely marketed in the U.S.

Laboratory Analysis Certificates ensure that the product meet the foreign country requirements.

Radiation Free Certificates ensure that there is no radioactive contamination of the product.

Having the right kind of certificates to accompany your product along with the Shipper’s Export Declaration will help you clear your product through foreign customs smoothly.

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