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Product Evaluation Services

International food regulations concerning label preparation and ingredient usage can be quite complex and vary from country to country. Let FECS help you with your label preparation and standards of identity for your product. Whether your product is a food or dietary supplement, we have the expertise to help you get your labels and product right. We can prepare your labels from scratch or we can review the labels that you have developed. Sample Page

Labeling Requirements

  • Types of claims you can make for your product
  • Positioning and type size requirements
  • Mandatory and optional information
  • Prohibited information
  • Statement of Net Contents
  • Statement of Identity
  • Nutrition Information
  • Statement of Ingredients
  • Statement of Name and Place of Business

Ingredient Requirements

  • Permitted ingredients and prohibited ingredients
  • Functional ingredients and their permitted uses
  • Food colors and their CI numbers and E numbers
  • Tolerance limits for food additives
  • Tolerance limits for pesticides residues
  • Listing of food additives and their functions
  • E number listings for food additives for export to EU market

Food Export Consulting Services
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Testing Requirements

  • Food additive evaluation and required tests
  • Pesticide residue testing requirements and MDLs
  • Food contamination evaluation requirements
  • Microbiological testing requirements
  • Heavy metal testing requirements

Formulation Assistance

  • Provide alternate substitutes for prohibited functional ingredients
  • Provide standards and regulations for label claims
  • Provide ingredient requirements
  • Provide permitted herbs and natural ingredients list for dietary supplements
  • Provide permitted usage limits for functional ingredients
  • Provide tolerance limits for food additives and functional ingredients

Packaging Assistance

  • Types of packaging most suitable for the product
  • Types of storage and shipping methods
  • Types of packaging acceptable in various countries
  • Types of tests required based on the packaging

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