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Sample Product Compliance Review Report

FECS APR NUMBER: PCR-00-00-000-0

SUBMITTING COMPANY: Exporter's Company Name

SUBMITTING COMPANY ADDRESS: Exporter's Company Address

CONTACT PERSON:    Mr. Food Designer       Email: fdesigner@exporterscompany.com

PHONE: 000-000-0000                                          FAX: 000-000-0000



Corn masa, soybean oil, cheddar cheese (whole milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes), natural flavor, salt, maltodextrin, onion powder, buttermilk powder, yeast extract, garlic powder, ground green bell pepper, ground jalapeno pepper, silicon dioxide, annatto extract, spice, extract of paprika and citric acid.

All the ingredients specified in the ingredient statement are permitted for use in the above mentioned product without any restrictions.  Good Manufacturing Practices are recommended.

COMPLIANCE  REVIEW: For Export to Japan

All the ingredients specified in the ingredient statement are permitted for use in this product under Japanese Food Sanitation Law.  The submitting company has been advised of Japanese regulations (FECS NUMBER: APR-00-00-0000-1) pertaining to the use of these ingredients in the product.  The company has followed all of the Compliance Requirements and Good Manufacturing Practices advised by this consultancy.  Under such conditions this product is/will be fully compliant with Japanese food laws and regulations.  This product is/will be produced and packaged by Exporter’s Company Inc., in a licensed food processing facility, inspected and certified by  state authorities. 

This product is freely sold in United States of America. 

PREPARED BY: Chief Export Consultant         DATE: 00/00/0000          FEE: 00.00         DATE OF EXPIRATION: 00-00-0000

NOTE: This review report is prepared by the Food Export Consulting Services LLC and is based on the international food laws and regulations maintained by this consultancy and the official documentation of product and processing parameters provided by the submitting company.  This review report does not represent an official statement of any government agency.  While this review report is prepared to the best of our ability, this Consultancy assumes no responsibility for errors, omissions, or untimely changes in food law or manufacturing of this product that may affect the correctness of this review report.  This review report is not an explicit guarantee.  This report is not intended for resale.

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